The War of Worlds at NYC

We went to see The War of Worlds at theater in E. Village. The theater was pretty full since it was an opening night. The movie was okay considering good graphic and excellent sound effect and I was terribly bored. About 5 minute to end, I started to laugh(I do this whenever the movie is complete non-sense.) and I could hear from my back seat crowd saying, “what the f#$k…” Then, someone in the middle seat yelled at last, “HOLLYWOOD SUCKS!” people laughed and then everyone applaused.

Yeah, Hollywood still believes in their decade old formular of happy ending story regardless of the situation or flow of the story. The hero and his every family members has to survive in order to make movie audience feel good. What they don’t get is that the movie audience has changed. They are exposed with non-Hollywood movies and they can see what is forced ending and what is not. I love New York whenever this kind of thing happens. I love New York because there are still some New Yorker who makes me smile. It’s been 16 years of life in NYC now… when I finally move out of NYC, I think I’m going to miss New Yorkers who can yell their angry opinion in the middle of the movie.