It’s a World Cup season again. Now, my weekends are booked pretty much. Being a Korean American, soccer is the only sport I watch since I was a child. I grew up watching people get excited, screaming and being passionate about World Cup games. I mean once you start to watch, who could held their voices in?

Last World Cup 2002, I literally lost my night sleep to watch all the games. I often had to call my office that I had to finish watching the game. 4 years later, I’m back to being side tracked by World Cup games. Several American friends seem to be surprised about the fact I feel passionate about World Cup as I don’t appear as a sporty type(I’m a designer/geek & I suck at any atheletic activities although that doesn’t prevent me from trying) and World Cup is the sport the whole world celebrates except USA. I was pretty surprised about poor support for US World Cup team by Americans when I just moved to the US. As Korean World Cup fans(red devil groupies) are well known for their devoted support to the world. Compared to them, I’m a mediocore soccer fan.

Anyway, by the fact I live in Lower East Side, I’m neighored with many Europeans & Lantin Americans therefore, almost every restaurant and bar has World Cup game on their TV screen. I could just watch how game progresses as passing by one restaurant next another. I watched Italy vs. US game this way. I was on the way to Bikram Yoga so, I had to miss the rest of game after they scored 1 to 1. But, during my yoga session, I couldn’t help sneaking my eyes to the street corner where people were cheering. Next day, I met up with friends of a friend at Bounce Deuce bar to watch Korea vs. France game. We shared a table with some French & Korean friends which was cool. I began to scream little by little, getting frustrated as the score was 0 to 1 but, it paid off at the last minute. Of course, everyone (well half of people at that bar) raised their arms and screamed hard. I think I kicked the floor, too – I don’t remember clearly. It was sweaty hot but, I didn’t mind. It felt great after the game. French friends seem very disappointed but, they will do well in next game against Togo. We went to another bar to grab some more drinks and I got to introduce myself to these new friends while promising to gather again for next game…!