She is 60 years old lady, comfy like an aunt or grandma. The reading was peaceful and pleasant depite of my day full of disappointment. She studied my birth chart and my palms carefully and read everything she could read for me. I almost wanted to cry when she pointed it out about my past struggle for independence from a tightly kept family and finding my own identity. I came a long way. She said that I have a gift, a gift which I could use more than personally and also can help people dealing with death and birth. I don’t know what it means. But I think she meant that I’m tuned with my intuition and spirituality and I sense things more than others in subconscious level. I know that I always follow my unexplainable gut feelings because it never have been wrong. I sometimes dream things beforehand. I have a very good sense of people I meet…she reassured that I have an ability to sense people’s true nature and it’s 100% correct.

The reason I went to see her is that I’m stuck with uncertainty of my future. Everything is in a cross road and I sense that I’m about to have another major transformation in my life. I had couple of significant transformations already. I don’t know what it is yet but, I’m certain it’s coming.

I appear gentle and soft outside but, I’m intense inside. Friends often think I’m stronger than actual because I’m not afraid of standing up and speaking my mind. I’m a people person. I’m extremely sensitive and all my senses are high. I’m secretive in deep inside me with a lot of mystery. My mind works all the time and it wonders spiritually and intellectually and creatively. I need to find a way to deal with my intensity and my constant transformation… Most importantly, my fear of uncertainty. I’m unconventional but, I yearn for stability ironically. I don’t know why. Perhaps I’m not ready to face who I am actually. Somehow, I cannot find any counter reason against any of these remarks. Perhaps I have felt a pressure (still) that I need to fullfill conventional life that everyone else is having or they expect me to have.

Things will come clear one by one to me eventually. sigh~ Time will tell.