New Apple Temple in 5th Ave, NYC

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After midnight, we went to check out new Apple store in Central Park South (N or R train.) The infamous cube made of 32 ft by 32 ft glasses is owned by Steve Job himself. (that’s what I heard) The store is in the basement and its glass cylinder elevator was already out of order by the time we got there. We walked down to the store and found the store with decent numbers of midnight crowds. As it promised, it’s open 24 hrs / 7 days a week. How convenient for Mac geeks and tourists? I went to the genius bar and realized that next available time is 2:45 am. Wow, people do line up even in the middle of night. I was drowling over new black MacBook but, I bought my new powerbook about 6 months ago and already dropped it twice with some exterior damage. 😛 It works great though.