It was a little more than 2 weeks ago. My friend Tina wanted to resume to her Bikram yoga practice she started last winter and I was looking for something new to do after Belly Dance, Basketball and Power Stretch so, I told her I was in! That was before I knew the room temperature is over 100 degree and it’s for 90 minutes. Somehow, I was thinking hot yoga means like 80 degree room. How naive of me!
First day of Bikram Yoga, I almost fainted. My arms were getting numb and my body wasn’t used to the heat. But, I wasn’t ready to give up in first day. After I took unusual break for 5 min outside of the heated studio, I went back for the rest of poses. The second day was a bit better but, I chickened out a bit and did half-ass poses. 😛 Staying in the heated room breathing through nose for 90 minutes was already a challenge for me. After about a week, I begin to follow most of poses except couple of them my body refuse to do.

Every session is the same routine. Beginners, mid levels and advanced yoggies all share their energy and movement at the same time through out double set of 26 poses. Then after 2nd week, I no longer have severe numbness or cramps during Yoga. I drink more water and I breathe better. These two things were both always lacked from me according to my accupunturists. I’m always dehydrated. Bikram Yoga forces me to drink more water and enjoy sweating. (I couldn’t sweat much either before.)

Some of my friends go “eewhew~ ” over the idea of sweating. It didn’t stink in the room and it’s a pure clear water drops from everyone. 2 min into the yoga posture, now I can feel a drop of sweat sliding on my skin. It kind of feels nice now. I can feel that I’m slowly getting healthier and toned without feeling too much soreness of muscles due to heat. The hot summer air feels cooler when I get out of my yoga studio. There are many many Bikram Yoga studios in Manhattan but, I really like LES Bikram Yoga studio. Staff are great, people are great, the studio is big and nicely heated with lots of windows. It just has a nice vibe – also, it’s one and half block away from my apartment. Not to mention the water drop shape is one of my favorite shapes. Pink double layered water drop(sweat drop) is their logo.

I don’t get addicted to things easily. However, I begin to feel the additiveness of Bikram Yoga. I often scream in my head wondering when this hot session will be over during sweating yoga poses, however, feeling fresh air on my face afterward makes me coming back without a second thought. I see my friend Oum is going to LES Bikram Yoga studio almost everyday. I’m going every other day – but, it’s a still 90 min of devoting to myself. It’s meditation after a long stressful day. This is a small step of loving and caring for myself more and I think it’s great.