I picked this book up on the way to Milan, Italy out of curiosity…just to learn what M’s desire to return to Beijing. What kind of girls he would encounter there. I was quite surprised about this fiction that is obviously based on true stories. I liked Annie Wang’s writing style. It was an easy reading and some of episodes were humorous and reminded me of episodes from HBO show, Sex and the City. However, I had a mixed review of this book. It stereotypes Chinese women into these glamorous but, gold digging, western men chasers based on few women. I also read about the part all Korean girls have plastic surgeries. (I’ve noticed that Chinese girls tend to write a bit catty when they write about Korean girls 🙂 ) I for one haven’t gotten any plastic surgery and many of my friends who happen to be Koreans haven’t done any. Most of chinese girls have double eyelids so, girls probably won’t get their eyelids fixed often like in Korea. I have single so-asian looking eyelids and I think I’m okay with it. (I have a long story about my single eyelids but, I will write about it later) I know for sure many Korean celebrities do get plastic surgeries as much as compared to celebrities in Hollywood.

Anyway, it was quite interesting to read how new lifestyle is like in Beijing with new wealth and new power. It reminded me of South Korea in 80s when there were many over- night rich people all they wanted to do was to show off their wealth and power. But, in my opinion, it’s totally in a different level and scale in Beijing based on this book. For momemnt, I thought, a life could be cheap in China if you weren’t born into a prostigious family and also I thought China seems so close but so far from Korea.