Recently, my friend forwarded to me this site, This is a community site where you can list what you want/need to do. A quite interesting concept I would say…Anyway, there is a section where they list 20 most popular users to do list by cities. By curiosity, I’ve clicked on New York City. The number 1 was “Moving Out of NYC” and number 12 was “Leaving New York” Which made me smile and nod.

For New Yorkers, leaving New York means a major adjustment of lifestyle but, also means opportunity to live in a more sensible environment with lower living cost. Lately, it has been a topic of conversation among my friends here. I think it’s because of our ages. When we moved to NYC when we were in early 20s(I was 18,) at that age, New York was exciting and inspiring that we’ve been living here feeding off New York’s great atomosphere. Now, we 30 something working professionals all feel as if NYC is feeding off us as a decade passed. What it used to be a great club scene or good art scene seems repetitive and meaningless to us lately. It’s like the most of things have become done-that, been-there. I have lived in NYC for 16 years now and so are some of my close friends so I guess it’s not coinscidence that we often talking about leaving NYC.

After dozen years of paying most of your salary into rents and dinners, you cannot help wondering what am I getting for all this high expenses. Life in NYC doesn’t seem glamorous anymore. I actually do have some friends who acted more than just talking about it like others including me. They have moved to CA, Europe and etc. The dilemma we lefters often feel is that we really don’t know where to move to other than New York. The change would be very significant outside of New York City. Also, for many people it means settling down and having a family. Because if you think about it, NYC is the city of singles. Everything is designed for single’s life style. If you are going to outside of New York where less singles live and less things to do or places to go other than family activities, you will need somebody to share new lifestyle with. That is why very often we see that married couples move out of NYC like they all promised.

Some move to outside of the US, they seek for cities that is like New York, such as London, Tokyo, Paris, Montreal and etc. I guess it’s very difficult to absorb all this active New York life style more than ten years. Even to live over 10 years, New Yorkers have to constantly look for breaks outside of NYC in order to be sane. We don’t know why we have to work 12 hours a day and we don’t know why we all have to rush every second. For what?
I think I’m aware that I’m due for leaving New York City soon regardless of being a single or not, even if I would come back in few years. I don’t know where I could go or where to explore new life style yet but, I know that I will have to follow my heart.