It’s been a while since I finally gave up and started to use to rent movies. The reason was that they have various kinds of movies that are off-main stream like Kim’s Video stores in NYC. It’s great that they have tons of foreign movies as well as many documentary films which you don’t see in Block Busters. How convenient? I’ve been loving it so far except one thing.

One thing I’ve notieced in “Browse” section; despite of Korean cinema has come far with many impressive, award winning movies since 90s, Korean films are under “Other Asian” They have, Chinese, Eastern European, Hong Kong, Indian, Japanese, Taiwanese even Russian…! It was pretty shocking to me. Where are all the movies that they exported to other asian countries who are all listed above? Not enough number of movies? There are 31 movies under Taiwanese. I have read some articles that very often Korean films are listed as produced in Japan or in Hong Kong by mistake. (Currently “The Host” was listed as produced in Japan in some foreign review sites. Many users complained so it got fixed later. This movie got great review Cannes Film Festival as well as in New York Times so it’s something to expect. To be released at the end of 2006 in the US…) Last 10 years, I’ve really enojyed Korean movies as much as other movies I watch in theaters in New York City. I could no longer complain… I find them intriguing and creative.

To watch Korean movies in, I either have to find out English titles of the movies which is far different than the original titles in most time (except Old Boy) or I should just scroll “Other Asian” list. Very interesting in an inconvenient way. hmmmm……