Kimchi Salad is a very famous blogger among netiznes of Korea and I have to give him a credit for his fascinating creativity of telling different stories that is original with ordinary things.
This guy has a big number of fans already. I read his blog once for the first time recommended by a friend from ITP, NYU. It was titled, “Codes for Crazy Women part I: Why all the crazy girls wear flowers on their heads?” It’s narrated by two fingers that is called, “fingers who show you pictures” and a floating fish. A floating fish is always full of question such as what is it? why are you doing this? etc… 🙂 ) Anyway, that blog showed examples of mad girls with flowers on her heads in famous paintings or movie scenes by numerous artists from different cultures and explain why flowers on heads are related with madness and mad girls desire to be a part of nature.

His works come from everyday ordinary objects or themes that are unnoticiable to us. He uses his vast imaginativeness to notice what we have passed by without much thoughts. He is an artist and performer, writer and blogger whether he uses his fingerman or create a life-size figure out of green tea bags, they are all his artistic expression…and gives us a fresh look of something that we all took forgranted and meaningless.

Anyway, his blog got my attention again after couple of years as I read an article about his new book which was composed with his blogs on line – which also included his visitors’ comments.
I look forward to finding out what would be next subject he will deal with.