As I’ve been going to Bikram Yoga studio regularly for over 2 months in Lower East Side, I have noticed almost everyone in the studio has some kind of tatoo. Not a surprise considering neighborhood I’m in. Although I find some tatoos very interesting, I have never thought of tattoo that is permanent since I have a nature of getting tired of things easily.

I once was watching(studying) a documentary film called, “Skin Stories” that is about Polynesian traditional art and culture of tatto & its ceremonies and honors – we were going to design the website but, didn’t happen 😉 I highly recommend to watch it. Anyway, I’ve learned there are so much about tatoo more than just being expressive in a permanent body accessory form.

glow in the dark tatoo

Image from – tatoo on the arm glowing in darkness.

Anyway, the reason I started to write about tatoo is to write about new technology that is glow in the dark tatto in UV black light ink tatoo. (As some of you know, I’m obsessed with something glow or lit) I found this very interesting but, found out it’s not very well known curiously. I guess it’s finally met it’s media since it made to S. Korean news in Chosun Daily News. Perhaps I’m little bit tempted now…although design has to be much better than skeleton 🙂