Jonah Brucker-Cohen

This image is “PoliceState”, a fleet of radio-controlled police cars whose movements are dictated by “suspicious” keywords scanned on a local network.

Luckily, I have many brilliant friends and Jonah is one of them. He is having a show in one of my favorite cities, Montreal trying to deconstruct networks with cute toy police cars and more! I’m familiar with his projects mostly – except current ones. “PoliceState” is interesting in terms of relation with recent post of mine regarding “TrackMeNot” by another brilliant friend of mine, Daniel. If these two projects are combined, that police cars will go everywhere or nowhere…?! Just curious!

Jonah has worked with various phyical and online project dealing with data network. You can see more project descripted at the link of the image. If you are in Montreal, check it out!
Jonah Brucker-Cohen – Deconstructing Networks
A Collection of Projects to Shift Perceptions of Network Interaction and Experience

Exhibition: September 16 to October 21, 2006