young my mother to be, grandma, grandpa, 1966

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These 35 mm slides are my favorite images that make me wishing I were there. (I wasn’t born in 1966 yet & my parents were not married yet at that time)

In 1966, it seems like it was very common that people wore traditional Korean clothes for everyday life – not like todays.

It seems to be late summer due to their light clothes & wild Cosmos flowers in the path to Haeinsa. Actually, Haeinsa is one of the buddhist temples where I haven’t visited yet. Anyway, my mother must be 20 years old in 1966 and they were hiking to Haeinsa for their engagement ceremony with their close family members – mostly my aunts & uncles. My parents were married by arrangement. I heard a story that my dad fell in love with my mom at first sight. It was very common for couples to get married by arrangement of families back then. I know some girls I talked with in New York City, still believe that it’s better to marry someone by arrangement than going through hurtful relationships. Hmmm… I will get back to that subject one day.

I don’t have much memory of my grandfather since he passed away when I was three but, looking at these old photos, I kind of guess how he must be. I have a feeling that we must have been very close if he were alive. I like his clothing textile, white, light (linen?) – very traditional but, down to earth – real everyday cloths.

on the way to Haeinsa, Buddhist temple

my mom with her sister


I think if I visit the temple, Haeinsa now, it probably very different. More crowded – even a bit touristy…? In old days, it looks like it’s quite enough for a family to sit around for a quiet engagement ceremony. My parents got married that year in Novemeber. It snowed for the first time of the year on their wedding day.