“Post No Bills”
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This photo was taken in Sept, 2002 at the ground zero

Today is Monday, Sept 11th, 2006. Sept 11 became something else to the world since the event occured 5 years ago today. I was living in East Village & just arrived to JFK from Florida a night before 5 years ago. When I walked out to get my morning coffee on 2nd Avenue, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Huge smoke coming from twin towers… then, it happened.

I became speechless for days afterward. Actually I never wrote about that day – I was very tramatized to work or even to live for at least 3 months just like most of my friends in NYC. I felt like a zambie going to work everyday during that time. Reading anything related to that incident was just very painfufl for insiders like us New Yorkers who lived and remembered the tower for more than a decade. I think that’s when New Yorkers were opening up to each other more than before because we all shared that sad memories of 911.

After about one year, finally I had a courage to visit the ground zero. My friend and I decided one evening to walk around the area where used to be twin towers which seemed a lot different than it used to be. I have been up to the tower and I had a dinner at the window of world (restaurant on the top) – in another word, I have memories related to that place. You just can’t help but being drown by sorrow feelings whenever you are in the ground zero.

I managed take this one photo with my small digital camera. “Post No Bills” in ground zero area. It seems like a normal scaffolds with “Post No Bills” sign but, it’s to me all about 911. Since then, subconsciously, I’ve been avoiding to go to that area. I normally don’t leave 20 blocks away from my downtown neighborhood in NYC but, I know it was my subconscious mind did it.

My deepest condolences to lives lost 5 years ago here in New York…
“………”(moment of silence)

There is a tribute concert in Union Square Park now… my window is open at my office. 🙂