I just have to write about most recent two interviews at http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com – Just because both of them are good friends of mine who inspire me all the time.

One is Interview with Tom Igoe and the other is Interview with Jonah Brucker-Cohen

I have mentioned about Jonah’s exhibition in Montreal in a previous blog but, I don’t think I hardly mentioned about Tom’s work. I think that’s because as much as he inspires my curiosity on movies, technologies, design and etc, he is a good friend who I can ask any question regarding different resources and he actually taught me “Physical Computing” when I was at ITP, NYU back then. His works are consistent. If it’s Dan O’Sullivan (I was his student & I got great motivation from him.) is the one who started “Physical Computing” in ITP – It’s Tom Igoe who made “Physical Computing” accessible to broader audience – to students and teachers in other colleges. Their book, “Physical Computing” is being translated into Korean (by collaboration of another Physical Computing professor in Korea, Dongsoo Suh, another good friend & an ITP alum) I think that really spread “Physical Computing” out in public.

I really love the fascinating possibility of creating different design for physical computing projects — even beside fashion technology projects I think of making & am currently working on. Everytime I slack off with my daily business work (design + technology) responsibities, they keep reminding me how great I feel creating in physical computing. It’s really the time for me to pick up my rusty, all forgotten, circuit board skills….