Soulwax at the Studio B

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My 26 years old cousin visited New York for a week from Portland, Oregon. He has moved to the States from Seoul, Korea 9 months ago. He was staying with me in my apt in Lower East Side of New York, so I asked him, “What do you want to experience in New York?”

First of all, he said he came to see people in the street since there is nobody in the street in Oregon (like any other suburbian cities in the US) – I told him that it’s irritating now that there are too many tourists and students in Union Square – unlike of old days. Being a New Yorker who lived in downtown for 17 years, people like me often lose patience to outsiders in the street. (I will get into the New York Street Etiquettes later) However, I did agree with him on the fact being crowded is one of well known New York characterisitics.

Anyway, he also said he want to go to a dance club where a famous DJ is performing. Oh, okay… I’m in mid 30s, to me, going to dance clubs is a long forgotten history. I started to search in – not satisfactory results. It was clear that Paladium dance club era is long gone. Dance scene has died out in Manhattan. If you go to dance clubs where they used to be famous, there are only tourists or BNTs (Bridge and Tunnels, meaning out of the city people.) I knew he was looking for something equivalent as “Club Day” in S Korea (Please read bottom about it) So, I started to ask my friends… ummm, it seemed like most of my friends are in the same phase of life like me. We like to go bar-hopping and if there is a DJ at late night, then that’s good enough to dance.

Then, I remembered my friend Octavio…! I pinged him and got DJ group name, “Soulwax” & Studio B. That sounded promising as it was from a trusted source. Especially, they are in NYC this weekend for thier tour. So we settled on Soulwax at Studio B in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. After a long day of work, I took a little pretending power nap then I took him to Williamsburg around 11 pm and we walked toward Greenpoint where you can see nobody in the street but, warehouses only. He seemed a bit skeptic about it. Then we found a red banner, “Studio B”- our steps got faster. It was already jam packed by *true* New Yorkers, Europeans and Japanese visitors who actually know who the “DJ Soulwax” is.

When we were getting drinks, they had an opening band then, it moved to DJ spin. The music was just right, the crowd was enegetic and chic and we danced. After a while, Radio Soulwax started their live performance. Guitar, drum, keyboard, electronic mixer, little electronic drums and microphone with special effect… Who knew that live instrumental DJ could be better than DJ mixes…? Their performance was outstanding! They drove the crowd into madness from a minute they start to play and I was mesmorized by their electronic, live beaty music. What a great performance! We danced until 2 am and headed back to Manhattan. I was exhausted by then. I guess I am no longer 20 something obviously. But, I was happy I was there and my cousin had a satisfactory experience in New York City like a true New Yorker.

Club Day: It’s last Fridays of every month when all the DJs and Clubs got together & partying all night in Hongik University area in Seoul. If you pay about $15 in USD, you can go to any clubs that night – until morning. I heard they have good DJs from Europe and you can have all night party if you like to dance.