Today I woke up with scratchy throat as it’s my Day 2 for a new seasonal cold then went to Dr. office in a sluggish fashion for my annual check up. Since I became in 30s & paying for expensive American Health Insurance premiums monthly, I made a good habit of getting annual check up to assure my heathy living status. I met my doctor about 3 years ago when I couldn’t hold of my previous primary doctor when I needed a medical attention, they refered me to this doctor who specialize in internal medicine and more flexible in getting appointment. After going to see him for the third time as my back-up doctor, I finally decided to change my primary physian to him. He seems to be about late 30s to early 40s. His name is Bruce and he actually does look like Bruce. If you are puzzled about what I’m saying, let’s say every guy I met named, Bruce in my life all somehow had that “Bruce” look. (I’m actually enjoying to keep you guessing so, let’s just give you one hint. Intellectual looking 😉 ) He is attentive and writes down every single things you say and very casual who you feel like you can talk about anything. And you know that he won’t rip you off for any stupid unnecessary medical procedure.

After an intern took my temperature and blood pressure which I assume all good since there was no words, my doctor walked into the examine room. I asked how he was doing. He said he was just getting over a cold. Funny answer to have for a doctor. I said, “ah, I must be starting that same cold you have.” After giving the list of sypmtoms of his cold, he looked at my chart in his hands and told me that this is a visit since last visit a year ago and I said yes. He looked at me then and asked, “Why are you here today?” “For the annual check up!” I answered with a smile.

He went through routine check up and writing more about my current condition & my family’s medical condition and etc. Then as I was about to leave, I mentioned about my weak ankles which make me sprain my ankles every other months (sigh~ that’s me who falls in the street all the time…) He told me that he actually has the same problem where he actually broke his ankle twice – the same one. He suggested me for physcial therapy or exercising to stand in one leg for one minute each (with a demonstration) which I replied, “that’s exactly what I’m doing at my yoga class!” We both smiled.

Then, it occured to him. “How long have you lived in the US?” “20 years?” and I looked at him like why were you asking me that. He told me with a puzzled expression that my English is perfect but, I have a strong accent. I smiled, “I get that a lot. For example, my brother who is 4 years younger than me has no accent at all but, I do. It must be my age when I moved to the US.” Then I added, “But, I have no accent when I speak in Korean!”

Hey, who doesn’t want to have an accent in New York City? 🙂