Here is a different take on Powerbook Tattoo.  You all Mac geeks already heard of laser etched powerbooks out there such as in “MAKE” blog, “Powerbook Tatto” (I love the term, Powerbook Tatto! That’s sexy) Anyway, that is so much more elegant way to express your individualism with you laptops than putting stickers. (See this photo of Jamie – I still thought black unicon is cool though)

Anyway, today, I got pinged by reVEXT about this person who is selling Ad space on her powerbook to buy herself a new laptop…! I have to admit that is brilliant. I can see that SquidLab bought one space for $150 so far… (or her friend at SquidLab? guessing? 😛 )

I wonder if a person can sell his/her body space for logo for tattoo? Perhaps Coke or Pepsi might buy a space? Hmmm…

If I’m a wuss to have a tattoo on my body, I want to have a tattoo on my powerbook! Is that hard to use lasereching machine? I heard that they have one at ITP… heh heh