The Vein Viewer, Close Up

Left: The Vein Viewer, Right: Hug Shirts by Cute Circuit

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Last weekend, I finally made to Wired NextFest at Javitz Center with my brother who is visiting me from LA and his buddy, Tony. I was planning to go visit on Friday but, I had two proposals to work on. Due to my recent trend of infinite social events, we couldn’t get up early enough on Saturday so, we casually met up with Tony, had brunch at Pink Pony on Ludlow street in LES then we hopped in a cab.

Thank god, we already had bought tickets, there was a long layered lines toward few ticket booths there. ‘Hmmm… aren’t they supposed to use some technology like ticket vending machines at technology exhibition…?‘ I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought of this after looking at the horrandous lines of people waiting to buy tickets.

It was very dark and it was very crowded but, that wasn’t going to stop us (tech geeks) from getting excited watching space suits, all kinds of robots and games…etc. Many projects at Future Design exhibition as well as other section were overlapped with Siggraph 2006, Emerging Technologies exhibition so, they were already pretty familiar to me… not to mention many number of colleagues and alums from ITP, NYU were presenting there so, it was an easy catching up event. Oh, I also did bumped into my friends… who are in the same industries. My friend, Eunhee whose dream was to travel to space finally got her photo in a space suit…! (it was composite, heh heh) But, Virgin Galactica was enough to get her and myself excited! Bless X-project, bless Paul Allen. Without them, we civilians would be very very far from even dreaming of traveling to space. Now, all I need is good health and 5 million dallars… -_-

Beside my daydreaming, they had some interesting aspect of show about energy and enviromental themes as well as many robots and games. The rabbit theater with hundreds of Atari rabbits with their ears moving in 360 degree were a bit too abstract for me. (huh?) My favorite product at the show was “The Vein Viewer” by a new biotech firm by Phillips, Luminetx…! Wait a minute, is this Phillips, too? Are they taking over the world of biotech(Luminetx) and textiles(Lumalive)? Anyway, it’s awesome to watch your blood streams through your vein. (see photo above, my brother, Jay’s hand) That got me excited since Lumalive… Thank you Phillips for your inspiration.

It was a delight surprise to find Francesca and Ryan’s CuteCircuit project, “Hug Shirts” there. (see above photo, right) They are new improved and design and engineering shirts for both men and women. They got rid of all the wires. Yeah, that’s what I would love to accomplish with my HearWear project as well. I met them in Pisa, Italy to participate CuteCircuit FutureFashion Show last May. This duo pulled a fashion show that showcased Fashion Technologies from world successfully and I have a great respect for that. Not to mention their on going fashion projects which I really favor since they do care about Fashion style, design and its function, and duablity which very often missed out by programmers / engineers alone.

Anyway, attending these kind of events make me itchy to work on next projects although I see piles of papers on my desk to write proposals. sigh~ yeah, business then design & technology.