After my brother, Jay sent this heartful message about Battlestar Galactica show to another fan, Sonia, she created this invitation to celebrate Battlestar Galactica Season 3 this Friday. His message below. (Jay, I had to share it.)

“Its true. I am hooked on fracking Battlestar Galactica… I just watched season finale episode and have tons of questions and guesses. I am starting to think that I am a cylon. I truely wish I had the lingerie model-turned-actress inside my head wearing scantly clothes talking to me and giving me answers. Why can’t I have that? I want my brain fused with Helen Christianson whom I suspect she is a cylon because she is way too hot. Also, I think there is another me walking around somewhere with a long hair.”

We Battlestar Galactica fans gathered at her lovely apartment in E. Village. Sonia prepared amazing Martini Cocktail with Grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, and vodka etc. Jay was visiting NYC for a week. They are friends since college so, it was perfect to gather for the event since we all got “hooked” to the show. Jay made a rule to drink whenever we hear “Frack” during special 2 hr show.

Now, that’s a lot of Fracks.

I could get away since I was still coughing from my bad cold but, Jay got really drunk from lots of fracks. Tina showed up with her BG sweatshirt and tee which were coolest and Jason joined later. We watched our beloved show with great drinks and company. It was great although I was sick with a cold. still coughing… fracking cold.