Spicy Bloody Mary by Early

Early serving his special Bloody Mary

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Okay, I love Bloody Mary and I love spicy food.

This friendly, mutli-talented bartender at Inn on the Blue Horizon, Vieques, PR makes the best Bloody Mary. It’s very spicy, you will have to love spicy food. It’s +2 degree of spiciness from Kimchi – if you know what I mean. The secret ingredient is homemade “jalapeño pepper & Pepper Vodka” Of course it also has lots of horse reddish and peppers.

Early wrote a new book “ Yes Beach Vieques, PR” which has far better description how to get 20 best beaches and their ratings. We troubled to find all those beaches based on the computer inkjet printout by the Inn staff….sigh~ Later, I figured out that it’s much easier to just look at the map and guess the way. Well, Early’s book is not released yet. He said he is from Brooklyn, New York and the most of people who sat at the bar with me were from New York. He also told me that he worked on numerous movies in New York, hmmm….