Retro Girls @ Halloween Party 2006
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Halloween for 2006 came to me a bit earlier since the actual Halloween is today, Tuesday. The most of happenings were during Oct 28th weekend. (Here is elaborately described blog about adi’s 2006 party by Mainasukhumvit) I’ve been dressing up for Halloween since ’97 in New York City. I think it’s fun to watch how my own and my friends’ costumes evolved over many years as I celebrate Halloween with the same group of friends annually in NYC. I’ve realized that I’ve been going to the same party organized by my generous friend, adi for years now. I love Halloween party where grown up people dress up elaborately and drink, dance, talk, laugh about their silly costumes. I think especially for adults who are so weary with responsibilities in everyday lives, it’s good to dress up for their fantasy once a year.
Here is my timeline of Halloween costume to sum up.

yh_halloween costumes