thai ceremonyshot by bryan
(left: Tina & Jason, Thai Ceremony, right: with my brother – photo by bryanesque)

It’s a belated blog about my close friend, Tina’s wedding with a nice guy, Jason. For my group of friends who have been going to annual ski trips together and hung out drinking for numerous happy and sad occassions, it was special to watch them getting married. We have watched them from their first date to almost four years later. I was really happy to be there. My brother who is pretty much familiar with my NYC close friends, who also got invitation to the wedding flew from LA to attend their wedding (& see his beloved sister, moi!) along with Gillian, AJ & Julie who also flew from CA. Juliette created her signature cocktail named, “Ja-tini” that are made with fresh berries and Vodka and her secret ingredient.

(This is a bit embarassing but, I cried a bit while they read their vows & I heard several other friends did, too 🙂 )

The wedding was casual, warm, multi-religious and we actually wanted to stay longer and dance more. By the time, we got kicked out of Foundry after 11 pm, we E. Villagers & Lower East Siders met up again at our neighborhood bar, Magician in LES to continue drinking. until… mmm… Jay and I left around 2:30 am and the rest still stayed…so 3 am or so. Well, of course, we were talking about random stuff about some dreams etc but, it was fun.

Tina is a coolest Thai gal I know – by now, she is more American than me perhaps. Because of her, I have become a part of friends circle of hers who I call often, “Thai Connection.” They are couple of her close friends from Thailand who we go to dinner and movies together or have BBQ in the park. Because of her, I have craving for spicy green curry once in a while as much as she has a craving for Kimchi. Tina and Jason played GoStop with my mom when she visited me in NYC, too. (My mom won their cab money 😛 )

(me hugging Tina’s mom to congratulate – photo by bryanesque)

Anyway, Tina and Jason’s wedding definitely gave me a bit more positive look on the wedding ceremonies. It’s kinda nice to share and announce your committed relationship to friends and family you care. I guess that is what wedding is all about – which very often gets buried under too much ceremonial fancy presentations.