Recently, I stumbled to an article, “Matchmaking party targets millionaires”(China Daily)

SHANGHAI: A matchmaking party aimed at pairing up millionaire men with beautiful women will be held on a ship on Shanghai’s Huangpu River on November 25.

All of the male participants must have assets worth at least 2 million yuan (US$250,000), and all the women must be good-looking and desirable, said Xu Tianli, the event’s organizer and the owner of, a matchmaking website.

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So good-looking desirable women for millionaires in China or wealthy men for good-looking & desirable women? This is a blunt, straightforward tansaction-like matchmaking event, I’m shocked for its capitalistic crud approach but, I found this article funny after reading some of interviews further down.  One of the participants, “Appearance is most important to me,” then “I don’t want a woman who only wants to marry me for my money.” Hmmm…..but those two are well combined for this matchmaking party in Shanghai. Well, good luck people. Appearance lasts the shortest time, perhaps shorter than money even if money can prolong beauty by plastic surgeries. They are looking for Trophy Wives who have higher potential to be Gold Diggers. (I can’t believe that I was able to use those two American Slangs in one sentence!)

In other words, good luck finding a nice wife when you look for only good-looking appearance with your money. Not to forget to mention that 250K USD asset isn’t too much for American expats who seek for young pretty Chinese girls.