It might appear narcissistic but, I’ve decided to compile my hairstyle in last 10 years as Tina commented on my “Happy Halloween!” post. It’s of course more for myself and fun.

I have some friends who perfer to keep their best hairstyles without changes but, I’m totally opposite. Due to often visited boredom, I can’t have one hairstyle for a long period time. It’s fun to change hair to long to short, brown highlights to jet black with red highlight and so on. Lately, I’ve decided to take a break and leave my hair alone but, once in a while, a temptation still sneaks in.

Anyway, to summarize the compiled images below, there seem to be a pattern in my hairstyles. During a decade of period, I have cut my hair drastically short 3 times from long hairstyle then slowly grew them for years.

1995-1999 :

I cut my straight long hair to short in a bobcut style(no photo) then grew back long in same length. In ’99, I’ve changed to highlights and layered long haircut.


I was tired of long hairstyle so I got layered haircut. I died my hair black and cut more to shorter and curlier then grew back down in highlighted brown hair again.


I think I’ve enjoyed my long hair, just changed in bangs & straight & curls until 2003…

2003-2005 :

I went back to short haircut again but, this time more degree of layered look in lighter brown color. As I kept my hair length above my shoulder, I have gone back to my natural hair color without any highlights by 2005.


I’ve started to get some red highlights on front only – which I think I did it for sake of changes and this fall, I’ve gone back to simple black hair but, long.

Obviously, who cares? It’s just kind of fun to see how I got older, too! My baby fat on my face has disappeared over last 10 years…

compilation of hairstyles for last 10 years