(photo from cnn.com)

If you haven’t been reading this tragic news about one heroic father, James Kim from San Francisco, here is a link to articles


I’ve been following this tragic story since my folks live in Oregon. The day they found James Kim’s body, I was in the middle of crazy daily work in my office. My cellphone rang and it was some number I wasn’t familiar with but, I picked it up anyway.

It was my brother’s friend Josh. I thought ‘ah, that Josh who published a magazine…’ Then he sounded a bit startled… then carefully said, “I’m an old friend of your brother from Boston and I haven’t seen him for years and I just read an article…. (awkward silence) …. and the photo of a missing father whose body was found in Oregon looks like Jay Kim…his age is 35 and…I wasn’t sure if he is married…so…,” OMG…., I finally got the whole picture.

Come to think of it, there are so many similarities between James Kim and my own brother Jay Kim beside names. Jay works in IT industry in Los Angeles, not so far away from SF, he is 34 years old and he is from Oregon so often drives there.

After assuring him that it isn’t my brother Jay, I looked at cnn.com.


There it was, a photo of him looking so much like my brother…. even the one with eye glasses. Thank god, my brother shaved his head couple of months ago… Even I would have been tricked for a second.

As our conversation was going casual since Josh was relieved to find out it’s not Jay we know, I asked, “So, how is your magazine?”

“.…. what magazine?

“hmmm, aren’t you Josh?”


“But not Josh who had a magazine publication?”

No, I once worked for you as a designer years ago

“oh……..!!! I’m sorry, Jay has couple of friends whose names are Josh”

Opps. Then I’ve come to realize that I probably have met at least 3 Josh who are my brother’s friends and 3 Steve and so on. He is a very friendly guy so has many many friends all over the cities who I can’t keep up with… sigh~

Anyway, I admire James Kim’s courage to do any possible effort to save his wife and two daughters’ lives. After stuck for 7 days without any sign of rescue, I could easily see why he had to walk out seeking for help even if he knew he won’t make it back. What an amazing person! I read from my alumni list that whole IT community in SF are in sadness for loss of James Kim.

May he rest in peace…