Jay with Captain Odama

This photo was sent to my cellphone – which I later realize who Jay was with…

In the middle of night, I found out that I had 3 missed calls from my brother then I had one picture message in my phone. It was after midnight… I was thinking what is that…I looked at the photo. Due to my small display in my phone, I could see it was my brother with someone who looks familiar but, I couldn’t figure out who he was with. I didn’t think much of it and went to bed.

Next day, I missed his call again at the office and when I called back, his voice message ran so I left a message, “dude, what is that picture? why did you send it? Who is he?” A few hours later, he called back and told me that he bumped into Edward James Olmos who plays, “Admiral Adama” in “Battlestar Galactica” at LA airport. Jay is a lot friendlier person than I am so I can imagine that he went to him and told him how much he loves the show and he is a big fan. There it is a photo with Admiral Adama… Wow, THAT IS COOL.

Here is how I got my brother and myself hooked into BSG…

I love scifi TV shows, movies, graphic novels…umm books. (ok, I’m a geek) It was sometime like a year ago, I was on the way to LA for a business trip with my colleagues, flying jetblue for 6 hours. Apparently that morning until 4 pm, they had a special Battlestar Galactica, Season 2.0 marathon on Scifi channel. Tina and I started to watch (which was in the middle of season) and we both got slowly got into the show… we were talking only during commercial break. I was even hesitant to go to the restroom in flight because I didn’t want to miss what happened next…. Yeah, their marketing strategy worked. I was hooked by then.

This summer, I got BSG Season 1, DVD rented and itunes episodes downloaded and caught up all the episodes I missed. Of course I had to share this with my brother who loves animation, Gundam, scifi and etc… He didn’t seem to be convinced when I told him that he should watch DVDs first. Many still have an impression of old TV show so, they are not motivated to watch the new TV show at first. Then with my ongoing praises of this show, he finally got Season 1 DVD in netflix. After first episode, he was like, “What’s up with Frack? it’s silly” I told him that he should watch one more episode… after that, he was hooked. Now, he is a fan. We had BSG season premeire party (READ Battlestar Galactica, Cheers for Frack!) and now I get this surprise on my phone. Jay was also on the way to fly out for a business trip so, his colleage took a photo of them in her cellphone then forwarded it to me. It is just something that makes me smile.

Oh, I have to confess that I’m also a TV junkie.