eye exam

(my eye exam photos. It looks kinda cool and scary at the same time, don’t you think?)

One of the to-do-list this year for me is getting Lasik for my eyes. I was born with blurry vision which made me wear glasses & contact lenses for years. I finally got some courage to get Lasik so I won’t have to depend on glasses.

Whenever people ask me why I decided to do it. I tell this. If you see Mummy 2, there is a scene where a bad archeologist is running away from Mummy monster. Eventually he fell then somebody else who was running with him stepped on his glasses and he couldn’t see….  You know what happened?  Mummy got him. Or, if I get stranded like TV show, “Lost” and if I broke my glasses, how am I going to fish, hunt and look for help? That’s why I decided it’s time.

Of course, I’m making shit up. (excuse my language 😛 )

Anyway, I’ve been seeing my eye doctor for last 6 months… Yeah, they’ve been checking examining me, watching my dryness, any vision changes…etc. After 6 months of check ups, they finally said I’m ready to have a Lasik surgery. whew! After every check up, I had to look like wearing cheap green shadow in my eyes because of that green dye drops which takes like 24 hrs of washing to get rid of… It was a relief that I didn’t have to deal with it anymore but, I still have to drop the prescription for my dry eyes until the surgery. It will be the end of January and I know I will be in the middle of teaching & traveling & moving & working so… not sure how this will all work out. The only thing I know is that I can’t travel for a week after the surgery. Hmmm… I really don’t like restrictions.

Anyway, I mess up with my friends by telling them, “Oh, I’m going to get my eyes done” Then, they all go, “What? are you going to do that eyelids thing?” lol

No, Lasik, silly!