I visited my folks in Portland, OR this Christmas. My brother also flew from LA to join us but, my sister & her family flew to Korea so we missed each other for the first time in xmas. Anyway, my cousin and my brother and I decided to go snowboarding since it snowed in Mt. Hood during Christmas. We drove about 2 hrs to Mt. Hood and first resort we attempted to go was full…which we found out after driving for 30 min in traffic. Then we decided to go the other side of moutain. It was extremely windy in the other side… Oh, it was really cold up there + strong wind in general. Because that side of mountain had stronger wind, I was sliding on the icy ground by blowing wind. I guess I did lost some weight (just kidding!) So we went to the third one. It was a really tiny one with one hour long line for rental. The long story short, we did managed to rent snowboard but, it was 3:30 pm by then so, I just had taste of snowboarding. But it was worth it – the trip was fun… I guess it’s process that makes it worth while. The road to the Mt. Hood was covered by snow and the scenary was breathtakingly beautiful to drive up. Thanks to my mom’s 4 wheel drive SUV, we had no problem driving up while we saw several cars sliding on the way up – although I’m not a fan of SUVs in general.