I haven’t posted any blog in year 2007 yet.

I think this photo will be appropriate for the New Year’s first post.
I like to start with this poetic comment I got from a fellow flickr Banterland. He has amazing collections of photography and his writings are soulful therefore, I’m flattered to have such a comment on a simple photo I took with a crappy small digital camera @ Cafe Colonial in New York City.

“There is an underlying emotional warmth that is created by the elements in the frame, the low lighting and mood of iridescent candles, the tables heavy with the longing and comfort that comes with human companionship, the sound of tyres gushing their way forward along wet metropolitan roads, and the passing thoughts of a night time taxi driver rushing off to reach his next fare. A simple image that possesses a soundtrack of its own. Cinema in a still frame. And you.”

Just to add a bit about this moment in the photo;

It was a warm rainy night I was spliting a bottle of white wine with a friend of mine. As it was getting late, the cafe was emptying out slowly. I was in a melancholy mood earlier but, this place transformed me to a warm peaceful mood. I looked out the window to watch night city scene time to time and was having a conversation about mudane everyday things. Some were about creative ideas and some were my random thoughts on how to transit out of my current lifestyle. I really look forward to transform myself this year.

Happy New Year, everyone!