Translation is a lot more than changing words in a different language.

Somehow, I found a link that leads to my blog site that was from (yes, it’s Beta. ) Out of curiosity, I decided to read how my Korean writings are translated in English via Google Autotranslate.

I was shocked how nothing made sense…! As a person who wrote it originally, I couldn’t even make any sense!! If you see the screenshot below as an example,

googld autotranslate screenshot

Try to understand what auto translation is saying. Can you? I couldn’t. Where did the battleship come from?

Let me re-translate what’s there in my humble English which is my second language.


Words are in chaos trapped inside of words

while unable to comprehend their own meanings.

I spit out meaningless words out of boredom and emptiness.

Then, I stare at nothingness looking for where they went to,

attempting to recollect any words…

My eyes are toward the sky and it is yet pitch black.