I’m not up today regarding current music scene or new aspring music artists in the world… due to my old fashioned style of listening to my 14 GB of music on my ipod that are mostly…from 80s and 90s…. except TV on the Radio, Decemberist, Gorillas and etc.

There is a good sum-up of UK sound of 2007 at bbc online. Read here for the full article.

Among 10 aspiring artists from UK, two of them caught my interest.

Mika – who scored #1. He is from Beirut and has Freddie Mercury’s voice. Oh I miss Queen. Here is his interview.

He sounds like a cool guy. I first thought he reminded me of Jim Morrison but, it might be his hair.

Anyway, the other musician who caught my attention is Ghosts. A good band based on London…I would say it’s soft rock. Here is their myspace link. You can check them out here >>.

I will listen to them more to see if I like them. It would be cool to discover more new music to enjoy in 2007.