Breathe in.

Breathe out.

(OK, I need to post something lovely after posting about a subject that makes me furious.)

I’ve been practicing Bikram Yoga for 7th month now. I’ve never practiced anything this long so my friends are pretty impressed. Honestly, I still suck at it but, I love it and I feel the benefit of it. My arms, legs and belly are all toned slightly and my migrain and back pain have been disappeared. (It reappears when I slack and not go to yoga over a week) and mostly, I learned to respect my body and mind. All the good things. I try to recommend it to many of my friends who are, like me, mostly spending their time in front of computers.

Anyway, I got this lovely image of gingerbread cookies from my friend, Oum(Kusalee – don’t ask me why but, all Thai I met has a nickname) and I like to share with you since it made me smile.

Compare these gingerbread yoggies to the Bikram Poses

bikram gingerbread