taken in manual setting – testing XTi

I’m a kind of girl who likes to spend more money on technology equipments than fashion items or spa such as considered commonly girly necessity, not that I’m not stylish nor girly. ($$ doesn’t buy style. I’m a trained & natural born designer so, let’s say that I have an easier way in being fashionable.) Anyway, I tend to write ‘Technology-wise nice toys” in the field of “my interests” for that reason. Well, I do love technoloy so why not?

For last 5 years, I was more obsessed in newest, smallest digital cameras but, lately my interest in photography has gotten higher – which resulted this exciting purchase I finally made for belated xmas gift. I no longer looked for tiny digital camera size of a phone but, I looked for a good DSLR camera. I guess size matters in good camera lense yet.

I used to use a Pentax manual analog camera when I took black & white photography a decade ago but, I’ve been a fan of Cannon digital cameras due to their slightly more vivid color range. You might say I’m making this up but, to my eyes, I can see the subtlties in colors. Anyway, I finally got Cannon Rebel XTi and the new memory card arrived yesterday. I couldn’t wait to go home to test my new toy. A friend of mine went to a meditation class and I was supposed to meet him afterward so I basically made a joke that I would be meditating with my new camera! It was rather relaxing 🙂

This is a small step to my grand plan for next 6 months, which will be another post soon.