Thanks to miserychick, I’ve decided to take this challenge. Let’s see how ambiguous I can be with this post. 🙂

The Rule:

“I have to blog about 5 things that people wouldn’t necessarily know about me, and then in turn tag 5 other people.”


Ok, before take this challenge, I spent 15 min taking BBC online “Brain Sex Test” – thanks to Miserychick. So why not this to be #1 thing about me to find out? The result? I’m very much female in my brain (50% female) but, I found that in some, my brain is more toward male but, over all I scored average female. I think it’s something to do with picking attractive faces and I definitely like masculine look in men. That probably put me back to Female arena right back.

Part 1. scored more toward male

Part 2. (hands) more toward male

Part 3. (Emotion and system) mutual

Part 4. (fingers) more toward male

Part 5. (faces) definitely toward female. (interesting factor to consider according to this test, “Interestingly, women’s preferences are said to vary across the menstrual phase. A more masculine face is preferred during the 9 days prior to ovulation, when conception is most likely.” Ha!

Part 6. (3D shapes & words) definitely toward female


I wanted to be an archeologist and travel the world to explore when I was nine years old. I read about ancient Maya civilizations and ancient Gaya’s civilization (one of ancient Korean Kingdom during B.C.) If you visit me, all the books in Korean that I’ve bought are all history related books.


If my family haven’t immigrated to the US when I was a teenager, I would have gone to a private foreign language high school and finished a university degree in Seoul then go to Europe to continue my education and might have learned French. Oh, I was a geek in Korea, too. I wonder if I would ended up getting BFA degree if we stayed in Korea because I had to really stand up for myself against my parents to go to an art college in New York City


I used to ice skate (speed skate, not figure skate!) a lot as a kid during winter. Once we lived right front of a river for about a year where they used to make a track for ice skaters in the middle of frozen river and I used to speed skate, going around the ice track really fast on my pair of red speed skates. I often saw tiny fish swimming below, through thick frozen river surface. As an adult, I haven’t had a chance to try on a pair of speed skates but, I have tried to skate in Central Park on figure skates once and I really sucked at it.


I started to design bags and clothes just because I was bored of designing on computer screens. I pretty much stopped drawing and painthing at that time but, I needed to touch and feel my design materials in my hands. I began to collect textiles and bought a sewing machine and started design and make bags, then tees. I learned to use a sewing machine via its manual and made paper patterns without knowing how. After few years, I’ve decided to make interactive fashion technology projects and I did. It’s been already 3 years since I picked up fashion technology as my creative outlet. I have more project ideas in my head which need to be out soon.

There goes my 5 things. I might have a lot more than people necessarily know about me but, I like to keep them to myself so I can write about them for some other time. Now, 5 things are done, I need to tag to 5 bloggers. Any Takers? JiMong? Mainasukhumvit? Annamatic? Anyone?