(* Note: I have a news to tell many friends in NYC but, I really only have one week to move so, I guess I will borrow my blog site to say ‘good bye’ and ‘see you in summer’)

I once wrote a post, Moving Out of NYC a while back in last summer, which means that after living in NYC for over 17 years, I finally felt like I need to leave NYC and shake my life a bit and I’ve been thinking and planning my exit for last 12 months actually. I’m a girl of actions… I think a lot before but, by the time you hear me saying about things, I’m already acting on it. I wrote in my previous post that I would write about it if I decide to leave NYC and now I guess I’m finally ready to write about it.

I’m a true New York Junkie, it feels natural to be in NYC and I realize now that I sometimes need to tone down a bit in other cities, other countries. It’s been great to daydream about where I would be and where I would travel for last 6 months and it finally has gotten down to getting a teaching job in Korea where I would have many days of everyweek to myself and months of vacations to travel. I thought perhaps that would give me some personal time to work on my projects and reflect myself. I also like teaching and learning from young fresh, creative minds. Everything kind of happened all so fast in Feb and I will be living a new life at the beginning of March already! yeah, I’m scared, have an anxiety and am sad to leave all my close friends here in NYC and will face a new lifestyle which probably won’t fit my New York Style mind… I will be lonely probably since I have few close friends over there who have families of their own. Some of close friends in NYC who just learned this news that I will be out of here in 1 week, their responses are varying such as;

You are absolutely crazy! Are you sure you will like living there?

(Yes, perhaps and probably not but, not sure until I try…?!)

You really needed to leave NYC and I know this is something you have to do but what? when are you returning?

If your friends think you are crazy, they don’t know you that well. I know you that you constantly have to explore and learn.

Well, I love them all. They are my friends and being there for me is the biggest gife of life they’ve given to me.

If I list events that occured last 2 weeks…

  • My lasik surgery got postponed due to my short visit to Korea last week. I know, it’s a bummer. I had to order another 6 boxes of contact lenses… sigh~ I will get it when I return in late June.
  • I’ve arranged to continue my work oversea… online/offline/virtually, Got skype local number and etc. I’m so easily reachable…
  • I’m busy packing and storing and ummm, making list of things that I shouldn’t forget
  • I might really love teaching Interactive Design… 🙂
  • I plan to invite as many NY friends (mostly related in my industries and they are great teachers!) so I won’t be so-bored and ask them to give a guest lecture. However, it’s a really far distance so I’m not sure anyone would like to visit me… 😦
  • I still plan to visit many countries in asia – China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Phillipine and etc… now will be short distance trips
  • I also plan to visit small cities in Korea and take lots of photos with my new Cannon XTi, that would be interesting

Anyway, so far 1 week of experience in Korea, I felt like an outcaster (which I’m very familiar being.) I haven’t lived there over 14 years there! My problem is that I’m a foreigner who doesn’t appear to be a foreigner there. I won’t have any excuses like other westerners who are obviously foreigners. I speak the language and I pretty blend in how I appear… so people expect me to be one of them but, I’m not… and new vocabularies that has created over last 15 years because of speedy technological growth…! For i.e. I couldn’t buy a metro-card-equavalent thingy in Seoul because I didn’t know what that is called in Korean. I have to ask so many questions everywhere I went. It will be probably okay as time passes but, I can see a great deal of challenge awaiting for me there.

I will continue to create my projects and my company’s projects over there so, you won’t probably see much difference in what I do except adding teaching. You will just kind of sense my absence in New York City if you are one of my NYC friends…but, you all know where to find me so stay in touch!