Left: Bar Da Right: my new phone with so much past already

Kindness I have experienced in Korea definitely deserve a blog post. Perhaps there are many nice honest people here or perhaps I was lucky but anyhow…


I’m all scattered inside out lately trying to adapt new living and working environment… so my day two at university, I stayed over at this conference center / residence place and woke up early to preapre my 9:30 am class, the very first class. I called a call taxi to pick me up at 8 am since there is no public transportation. I arrived in my office door then realized that I didn’t have my cellphone with me. ‘shit! where did i drop it? I have my classes starting in one hour…’ I called the residence place to check the lobby, they didn’t see it. So I picked up a calling card and called my phone. The driver picked it up and said he is on the way to somewhere else to take his passenger and said he could come by 9 am to return my phone. I felt so relieved and walked outside at 9 am… there was a taxi driver waiting for me. I told him that I like to give him some gratitute, at least taxi fare to come back to my office. He refused and only said that use his call taxi service. whew~ some of my friend told me that people are kinder outside of big city such as Seoul.


Then, it happened again… at this point, I really had to blame this tiny slick, slippery phone (beside my clumsy unfocused mind.) It slips out sooooo easily out of pocket and my bag. I went to see open studio show at Ssamzie space and drank some wine with my ITP old friend. I drank little more wine than normal but, was buzzed nicely. We shared a cab home (note: subway stops running after midnight just like Paris, uggh) I dropped him off and then continued to my place. I remembered that taxi driver was very nice – making sure to take me to home safe and etc. After I arrived home, I realized that I couldn’t find my damn cellphone again! uggh, for the second time in one week. I tried to call my phone in the morning, no luck… couldn’t tell where I dropped it. I asked my friend to call my phone and he sent me a message of saying that I left it at the taxi. Again! in Seoul this time!

I had to go to an orientation by 4 pm. I left my watch at my uncle’s, I didn’t have my cellphone.. I couldn’t even tell the time but, I rushed to school all dressed. The orientation and dinner went on until 8:20 pm. I called in my lost phone again during a break around 6pm, the driver picked it up. I apologized for his inconvenience and he apologized that he didn’t check if I left anything when he dropped me off. I got his number and we decided to meet at the front gate of school around 8:30 pm… when I called him at 8:20pm after the orientation dinner, he simply told me to pick my phone up at the parking lot booth front of the gate. He gave the name of the person who had it and where he left it for me.  He didn’t want any gratitute either. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I found my phone again… within 24 hours. He told me not to lose it again, reminding me that I could really lose it. (ha, he has no clue that it was the second round) He also told me if I ever become his passenger again, buy him a cup of tea. 🙂


So my scattered attention found a momentary peace. I was relieved to get back my only communication device beside internet. I had about 17 missed phone calls… probably half of it was from me. Then I realized that I coudn’t find my address book. This time, I didn’t panic…I was just think perhaps it’s at home but, couldn’t find it. It wasn’t at home obviously. I thought about contacts I lost in that notebook… oh well, ce la vie.

Yesterday, I was drinking beer with Jisook at some pup near Ewha university. I got a phone call from number I didn’t recognized but, I knew I missed that phone call couple of times last few days so I picked up. The voice asked if I lost small notebook at Bar Da… a mystery solved! But one more mystery… how did he know which number to call me? I don’t recall writing my info there… hmmm… I shall figure it out when I go there again for a glass of nice red wine (it’s one of my favorite bars here) and to pick up my tiny addressbook. How kind… 🙂

BTW, I bought a cute large black rubber bear doll to hang on my phone… that way, it will be very difficult to slip off my pockets or bags… I should really stop dropping things in this country. 🙂