My new goth bear on Bar Da table

That black bear is my new buddy who I bought for $4.50 in the street to protect me from losing my cellphone again. I haven’t found a good name for him but, he seems tough with skull drawing on his chest… He doesn’t have a face but, he seems to be caring enough.

He was with me when I drank with my old friend Y and newly met Bar Da’s regulars there. It was Saturday night so, I was pretty much relaxed and enjoying few days of my previous age. I’ve only been there 3 times so far but, already I could recognize some regulars there. They seem to recognize me as well. (not sure that’s a good sign…) I found out that day, that owner is usually drunk with regulars, he enjoys traveling and taking photos. The photos that were projected on the wall were pretty good. He opened up two bottles of Jonny Wallker Blue Label one after another, sharing with people who were sitting inside of a tiny studio room across the main bar area. He was celebrating of creating new sign for third floor performance/bar area he plans to open. I heard Portish Head so, I said, ‘I like them, I didn’t expect to hear them here…’ then I also recognized “Politik” by Cold Play… ha. I think I got some recommendation of new place to visit for live music…good live music. The guy who played music kindly sent me an email with the right link, “The House Concert” it’s a free concert by real artists. Next concert’s guest musician is called “Hachi(Kasga Hirofumi) & TJ” Japanese & Korean artists…intersting

The rest of night was remembered with blurry photos I took (I think) I guess I’m still learning this culture and there are a lot more than I imagined. I joined online cafe made with Indie Music Band goers… all the information about good live indie musicians were all there…! I will post more about it once I’m done with numerous responsiblities I still have to do here. Anyway, my actual birthday was uneventful except few text messages and a lovely delivery from distance brightened my office. It was a quiet work day ended up with lots of drinking among my work colleagues (work reason) Well, that is another blog. Anyway, I had lovely days prior to my birthday which was a really great way to close my previous year. Now, I’m starting fresh year again. New adventures awaiting for me now.