A little spring trip with students – We found this little puppy and played with him for 2 days we stayed at a cabin near Namhan river.

I went to see a musical, “Thrill Me” at Chungmu Art Hall on sunny sunday afternoon…along with two of my good old girlfriends. The musical was okay but, I encountered this pop arts show “Pop & Popular” at the gallery area. I liked these large figures made with used magazine papers… This one is titled, “Media Woman”

I went to Icheon Ceramic Biennale today (4/28) with my mom. (She is visiting me from the US now) The biennale collection was pretty impressive; diverse internationally and national ceramic fair was large… the collection of ceramic products are far better than Insadong area. Anyway, Icheon is famous for hot spring, rice and ceramic. My mom who studies ceramic arts actually testified to me that clay from Icheon is much better quality than the clay she uses in the US (specifically Portland, OR) – glaze colors come out more vivid… interesting. Perhaps that’s why all the ceramic houses are gathering once a year at Icheon Ceramic festival. Taking express bus during traffic hours were tiresome but, it was definitely worth visiting.

“Battlestar Galatica Season 3”

I’ve managed to watch until last episode of Season 3. Wow! what a great season again! I can’t wait until next season. I wish I were drinking bloody mary with my good ole NYC friends for every “frack” during the show. Can anybody tell me where to get good Bloody Mary in Seoul?