Vitamin Waters Vitamin Waters…. I love Vitamin Waters… I used to drink one everyday. I couldn’t find it here in Seoul. What a bummer!

cold night @ bar, "Box Lounge" in East village Refreshing draft Stella Atrois beer… yummm! I hear there are few bars where you can find Stella draft beer near Hongdae but, I haven’t figured it out yet… Needless to say I’ve been under alcohol curfew due to my Eastern Herb medicine I’m taking right now. About one more week to go! (I might have to break it this Monday though 😛 Oh, beside alcohol restriction, there are chicken and port restrictions)

Bar VeloceThere are decent wine bars but, they are not carry even 1/10th of wines NYC bars carry. I especially miss Veloce’s cold dry white wine… ahhhhhhh.

warm winter night @ 10 degreeBar with open windows…or wall… sipping while watching car passing. Somehow I’ve been having hard time to find a good atmosphere bars here in Seoul… I might need more time to explore.