All photos are taken by David Cuartielles. more photos at here>> Note that everyone is Kim except David.

Last weekend, I spent my Friday night(actually thursday night, too) with two of my friends visiting from abroad, one from NYC and the other from Sweden(well, Spain, too) then with the regulars at Bar Da…who became familiar to me & vice versa. I think they are mostly producers, photographers, filmmakers and well, geeks like me. This is what happen when you put all these geeks, media artists, filmmakers, photographers, animators into a small bar with a bowl of peanuts and dried baby anchovy and drinks. They start to make faces and play with beer caps (actually, I’ve started to play with them first) then so on… David and I were competing to get the last peanuts in a bowl and he managed to get another bowl full of peanuts from a bartender. Well, he is a true foreigner so everything is forgiven and allowed here(well, almost)