eco architecture
There are two significant trend in design industries these days. One is “eco” and the other is “emotional.” I hear “emotion” everywhere in commercial ad campaign here in Korea. They do emphasize in emotional aspect of design in elsewhere but not as literal in words here. Well, sometimes words are used without meanings. Anyway, there has been an architecture biennale and guess what is theme this year, Eco-architecture. As sustainability has been risen up as new trend to watch, eco design trend seems to be a necessity for our serious environmental issues. I’m very pro-echo design, computing, architecture, music(if possible) whatever it makes our future closer to be harmonized with nature and repair what we have ruined…if it’s not too late.

The image above is the gate for the echo-architecture installations. It is made of two kinds of commerical plastic beer cartons and I like this piece the best among other installations made of other recycled materials. I liked some of the materials they chose to create installation with but, they were installed too close with each other therefore, lost their artistic forms without negative space that surrounds them. Since I have seen them pre-installed, I couldn’t help myself wondering what happened. In my opinion, they were over done. Sometimes, it’s really hard to know when to stop when you create something artistic.