Ludlow street, LES, NYC – enjoy the view before they build another hi rize Co-op building

It’s been like 5 days since I got back to the city after a long, almost unbearable plane ride. Well, it’s still worth it. I always find that it takes about few days for myself to register where I am actually… meaning it takes few days for me not to startle when I jump into the subways and crossing street and walk in the street of these two very different cities in different languages and culture, Seoul & New York.

I’ve met some friends here and there and caught up our lives… mainly updating about my life back In Korea… since it’s new to them. Beside waking up and falling asleep during wrong hours here, I’m slowly finding myself home in my old neigbhorhood, LES & East village. I’ve been hanging out at the familiar restaurants, cafes first… such as Pink Pony’s, Boxcart Lounge, Marumi, Esperando, Cake Shop, Jeeb, Clinton Bakery & co., Bagel Zone then, I visited some new places I haven’t been before like 1492, Heathers and 88 Orchard street. OK, that’s a lot of places I’ve been for last 5 days, then I’m not at my home so it’s rather hard to arrange myself to cook. Also, there are all in walking distance in downtown where I’m staying.

Now, I need to get to the main story of the day – it’s involving both Ludlow and Orchard streets… I was really beginning to enjoy not having to go to work – since I’m in working vacation (whatever that means) and it’s New York, where all singles eat alone without being noticed! I went to cake shop for a large cup of Cafe Au lait and their free WIFI… worked about 2 hrs there then got tired which I knew that’s the sign of hunger that my stomach is giving sign due to my jetlag. So I thought why don’t I visit the lovely Thai Tapas, “Jeeb” It was all peaceful until I almost finished Tom Yum soup and crab rolls sitting alone at the restaurant since I was the only customer by then.

Suddenly, a guy rushed into this narrow restaurant and ran across toward back door to the garden area… passing right front of me. For moment I thought, ‘is this guy running away from someone?’ then I saw the waitress chasing after him with menus probably wondering what he is up to as that was pretty strange… then he was nowhere to found and the cook came to me asked me, “did you just see the guy ran here? did he go to bathroom?” I said, “he didn’t… he went straight to the backdoor” still chewing my crabroll… About few minutes later, next thing I knew was that there were a dozen new york cops rushing into the scene and looking for that guy. They questioned the waitress where he headed and etc…. she pointed toward the back yard where he ran off – toward Ludlow street. When I finished paying my bill, some officers were leaving while commenting, “enjoy your lunch~” I smiled back… ‘right, I’m enjoying… how entertaining!’

It was really lovely afternoon. Perfect dry weather with blue sky… white cotton clouds floating nicely. So, I’ve decided to go for some manicure which I do once or twice a year… turning around the corner heading into Ludlow street and then realized it’s where the back garden of Orchard street leads into… I saw the same group of cops searching the empty construction site… next thing I know was they had him – took him handcuffed… then did more search to find some kinda evidences. I was dying to know what this guy was arresting for but, just simply figured that he must be handling some drugs.. or something. I guess New York City is warming welcoming me back. This is, I guess everyday scene… Honestly, I thought it was really exciting and wasn’t scared at all. It’s just an everyday life thing here. Now, I finally adjusted myself to this city once again.