After staying in S. Korea for about 4 months as an independent professional who is a single, returning to NYC brought me back my good old appreciation for how comfortable it is to be a single in this city. People say there are so many singles living in New York City, perhaps too many but, whether it is because there are so many of them or because city is great for singles, if you are a single and you are living in New York City, you are in the right place.

When I wake up and walk into a cafe in Lower East Side and order a cappucino and read a newspaper, almost everyone in the cafe are alone starting their days with a morning coffee and a newspaper just like me. I can just blend in easily into the scene. When I walk into a favorite restaurant for a lunch or a dinner alone, there are many comfortable bar sittings ready for me and I see other likely single eaters inside and nobody asks me such a question like I get a lot in Korea, ‘Did you came alone?’

Not to forget to mention those strange stares which prevented me from going out alone and I often ended up ordering in instead of walking into a restaurant for that reason, although that didn’t really prevent me eating alone in restaurants in Korea.

I like the fact that I could leisurely read my book or newspaper or work on my laptop (LES free WIFI rocks!) among other similar customers at different cafes and restaurants. I really didn’t hesitate to walk into a restaurant or cafe here and I actually really enjoyed my peaceful moment of thoughts and observing others in the scene. I think everyone needs some time alone to reflect their own thoughts or their environments whether he/she is a single or not. Why everything has to be with someone all the time? Sometimes you get to reflect a lot of your environment and yourself when you are alone in public places. When you are spending your time with someone significant or family members all the time, it’s very difficult to look at yourself and reflect upon. It’s easy to lose yourself. hmm…I should consider to keep this habit time to time even if I don’t have to. A thought to myself.
When I explained my delightful reappreciation about this characteristic of New York city to some friends here, they just told me, “That’s why you belong here…” Then I guessed slightly if they really know the difference.