I have gotten this link when I was in the middle of reading Harry Potter 7 so, it was a bit difficult to fight my urge to click on the link but, I’ve waited. Now after finishing the book, I’ve been reading this blog, Potterdammerung [Mega-Spoilers] by gibberish in neutral.

I had to crack a laugh down the line when I read,

“…With everyone dressed, they go outside and mount their rides. Harry’s in the sidecar of Sirius’s old motorcycle, which is now driven by Hagrid. They take off — and are immediately attacked by Death Eaters. Death Eaters to the left of them. Death Eaters to the right. Death eaters to the front. Suddenly Hedwig dies in a blur text! Millions of children around the world scream while their parents curse Rowling. But Rowling just cackles madly, secure in the knowledge that she’s richer than the Queen and has gonads the size of bowling balls.”

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