(Well, well, I haven’t posted any blog for days. That’s because I had so much going on and a bit stressed etc, etc. Let me catch up some postings.)

So here we are again, annual BBQ picnic at East River Park near Grand street with a bunch of my Thai friends… The official title was “Tina’s Farewell Party” – Tina, how many farewell parties have you had so far???? 😛 In any case, it was great to see that many Thai friends of my Thai friends at one place. (friends who Tina claims that they are not really Thai…I was a bit confused but whatever.) Also it was my last day at NYC so, my dear old friend, Lawrence walked with me to the East River park and stay with my friends. Tom showed up much later after we forged all the yummy foods such as Green Papaya Salad, asparagus wrapped with bacon, mushroom wrapped with bacon, corn, Korean Ribs, Pork Ribs, Sausage, spicy marinated Pork, sticky rice, water melon and fruit pie – not to mention they are all home prepared… 🙂

We also had lots of beer but couldn’t consume much due to the no-bathroom-in-the-park problem. I was really really full by the end of the picnic. Bryan told me then, “You know when asian folks do BBQ picnic, it means a lot of food and when white folks do BBQ picnic, that means a lot of beer.” Hmmm… is that true? In any case, we had enough food and beer.

When we decided to wrap up the picnic around 7 pm, (more b/c of we all had full bladers due to beer) everyone acted on magically efficient and everything was cleaned and packed in such a short time. 10 min? We all walked to East Village together and I wanted to drink at bars since it was my last night at NYC this summer so, we started with other lately joined friends as well on avenue B and that’s another story.