I haven’t updated my blog for over last two months. Wow, I’ve been that busy. No wonder I got so sick… anyway, here is a quick updates on things – short and sweet.

motion graphic of whattoo card
Left: An Interactive Tree: interactive project by students
Right: Motion Graphic of Gostop(WhaToo) Cards (Digital Media Design Dept, BFA)

We had a senior’s graduation exhibition during early October after painstaking procedure of reviews by us(teachers) during last 6 months. There were 81 students involved and 51 projects were installed. The exhibition was divided into 3 categories; Interaction Design, Information Design and Motion Graphics. I had to advise the most of Information Design students (They had no idea that my background is more toward Interaction Design… thanks to no communications inside) and some Interaction Design students(since they take my Interaction Design course anyway.) The show was really well received once it was opened and I was very impressed about a fact that no interactive installations broke down during 5 days of the show, which is even hard to pull off for professional media artists. I ruined my stomach but, it was rewarding to see the fruitful result of students’ work.

budda  sideview

Miniature like scenary

above photos are from a visit to Suraksan with my brother. It was lovely despite of my handicap of not being able to eat nor hike. I was really glad to make a trip away from the city with him.

I had many many visitors during September and October.

Not to mention the return of my cool friend, David from the Arduino group and Rania from china and my new media artist friend, Michael Yuen from Austrailia during September. Both Rania and Michael came to my school and gave us a special lecture titled, “Media Arting for the S(e)oul: My Phone Only Speaks Korean” & inspired many students stuyding Interaction Design and Media Arts.

During October, I’ve met another friend of a friend, Leonard but, my brother and his friend were visiting at the same time so I could only spare one evening to him. We had a good dinner and talk near Hongik University area though.  My old best friend from age thirteen, Y is visiting Seoul from Tokyo this weekend.  It’s been 7 years since last time we met so it was really great to hang out with her yesterday.

The unnecessary school works are increasing as days go so, my free days are becoming less and less and I could hardly pull a day off nowadays. Also, I’m busy visiting doctor’s office during my precious day off even if I get one. sigh~

OK, my updates became rants but, anyway, this is why my blog hasn’t been updated. I’m really looking forward a quiet November after this week (This Friday & Saturday; more work this weekend)