homemade porridge

Above: Home made porridge, Below: Japchae


After visiting doctors’ offices, taking western medicine and taking eastern herb medicine, an acupuncture session and realizing that I’ve lost 10 lbs in a week, I finally decided that it’s a time to take care of myself as if I’m living with another me.

My major problem which I couldn’t solve is the lack of sleep. There are more and more task increasing that requires me to get up at 6 am (ungodly hour) and going to bed at 2 am, so I guess the best I could do is sleep a lot during Sundays & hoping the winter break comes soon.

Eating out alone can be pretty harmful in a long term. Especially alcohol drinks where elderly colleagues yells “One shot!”(meaning drinking it all up) can really ruin your stomach and liver. Although I’ve managed not to get wasted with alcohol drinks so I’m suspecting my stomach problem is from the conbination of stress + irregular meal timings + very spicy foods & a lot of coffee in my empty stomach. Anyway, so I got many list of curfew from doctors and I don’t know how long I have to keep this. Some people says over 3 months… damn!

I need to avoid: coffee, alcohol, cold drinks, cold milk, dairy food, greasy meat or fatty food, spicy food, bean pastes, pastries, any food by flour, chicken, pork. Ummm, that rules out almost everything I eat! 😦

In fact, I could hardly digest regular rice and some eggs… of course, no Kimchee. what a bummer! From not eating those list above, I went down to eating porridges only. Whenever I’m stuck in a work party / dinner thing for couple of times, I could only eat plain rice in a water or clear soup and look around for anything I could eat in side dishes while watching others grilling meat and drinking soju.

Anyway, I bought different kinds of porridge from restaurant(본죽) to take out and I have taken them to work last week but, they weren’t tasty enough… Unfortunately, my taste bud is good and alive. So, I’ve decided to cook porridge at home. I gave a first try along with Japchae today and they were pretty good. I also told to my sick self that I would take care of myself until I get better. If somebody has to take care of me, it should start from myself. Also, cooking is fun and delicious. 🙂

Good coffee, wine and spicy foods are things I enjoy a lot in my life so this curfew is making me unhappy but, I look forward to enjoy them soon.