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Theater Oasis Cleaner

(Sorry about my laziness… where I posted only photos but not blog for days)

As I frantically traveled across the pacific ocean for 10 days in the order of; Seoul – LA – Portland – Seattle – Vancouver, BC – Seattle – Seoul, a friend of mine in Seoul booked a ticket for this little independent theater, “Oasis Cleaner Theater” in Off-Dahak-Ro (Dahak-Ro is like Broadway in Seoul, Theater District.) Thanks to her, I was able to see this lovely play and actually she was surprised to see my appearance while my 5 day stay in Korea before taking off to New York, re-acrossing the pacific ocean and the US.

When I brought up about checking out some independent small plays in Dahak-ro while we had some drinks & chat, she mentioned “Oasis Cleaner Attack Incident.” I was very interested since I knew that I missed it when it came to my campus during Spring Festival 2007. So we’ve decided to see before I was stressing over the finals along with sudden visit of my mother who needed a medical care. The ticket only costed $10. This is extremely inexpensive considering high profile musicals or plays cost about $40-$60 per ticket in Seoul.

To find this unfamiliar small theater, we had to walk in a small old streets where it seemed like time stopped there as if it’s still 1970-1980. When we found the cleaner like sign on a small building, we were excited. The theater was small & pitch black dark inside when the light is off and was located in the basement with only 100 seats- oh well, they are literally chairs or cushions on the floor. During the play, I hoped that there won’t be any fire because there was only one small staircase down to this hole of theater… and you know what that means. That was the setting anyway.

To my surprise, the play was delightfully well written and well acted out among 9 actors & actresses. This is a story about a middle age cleaner owner who’s been running a small cleaner for half decade, two generation in modern Seoul city… I won’t spoil it by writing a plot here but, the last scene where these money-corrupted people being washed together in a giant washing machine was pretty impressive. It’s definitely a feel good play and highly recommended for a date. (Too bad it wasn’t a date for my case but, I was with my close friends from junior high school so, can’t complain it. 🙂 )I really look forward to finding more indie plays that are going on every corner at off-theater district in Seoul.

Below is another shot from street in the main theater district.

theater district posters on the wall