It’s been exactly one week since I arrived in New York City. My friends were giving me warm welcoming and helping me out where to stay as much as possible. I feel really lucky to have such friends in my life & it’s been always my pleasure to hang out with them. As my resolution for 2008 is taking care of myself – be healthy and not getting stressed, I got my annual exam from my primary doctor, got a flu shot and some medication for stomach problem I’ve been having. I still had some problems with sleeping but, I guessed it’s something to do with jetlag.

I was so excited to reconnect with my friends here and was just happy to be back – even it’s temporarily. So, I’ve organized alumni gathering 2 weeks ahead of time. My plan was to see my alumni friends as many as possible in a given time. I have a friend who is coming up from Philadelphia and several I haven’t seen for over a year now… This morning I woke up late (since I don’t fall asleep until 4 am these days) then leisurely preparing to get ready to see my accountant for tax, thinking what to wear to alumni gathering and so on… I wanted to take a shower and was hoping there would be hot water since I had a luke warm shower last time. This is an old apartment of my friend who has stayed here over 10 years. Most people are not familiar with how old apartments in E. Village can be but, there are many with tilted floors which make squeaky noises when you walk… this is one of them but, very homey and tastefully decorated. The bathroom has a great looking four legged bathtub. Nice? I was happy to find out there was hot water… a bit too hot at the beginning but, it was nice to take a shower and wash my hair.

Then it was after shower that accident happened. When I was closing down the water, I must have turn hot water wrong way and it broke the valve and boiling hot water poured out. Oh shit! I jumped back right away but, it was too late. I had 2nd degree burn on my legs below my knee. I couldn’t figure out how bad it was so I just breathe deeply for few seconds. I put on clothes carefully and try not to touch my legs and I keep them in cold water as I called emergency. Paramedic came and they seemed a bit horrified at the sight of my wounds… yeah, they ain’t pretty. It started with, “What happened?!” They did some emergency treats and took me to the ER with the burn unit.

My friend, Juliette came to the apt immediately and Annette came to ER room and kept me in company for 3 hours. After I got some pill that made me loopy, I was laughing and joking with her the whole time. Once they cleaned my wounds and after 3 hours, some redness of 1st degree started to disappear. They looked a bit better then. They gave me some anti-biotic cream to put on and covered them with some gauze that seems like new techno texile. Then they pull up fishnet stocking like gauze to hold the first layer of gauze. How cool? I wanted it a bit more inches but, they were a bit stingy. I have managed to get some good 20 inch though. It would make really nice fishnet stocking… although they are white. After they released me at ER., we walked out. It was dark and rainy. Great! I didn’t have my shoes with me. We took a pair of socks at the drawer from hospital so, I was okay until finding a cab at rush hour. Hew!

My accountant got the news so we postponed the meeting then I had to make a hard decision of not going to the gathering I am hosting. I’m sure they will all understand. I was so looking forward for this gathering then, life has funny way of surprising me. Now, I’m in bed in my bandage leg warmers for the whole day. Is it because I’ve been running around with people to meet & things to do? – I’m forced to lay down and rest. It’s definitely a forced vacation! Who knew?

It just became a bit painstaking to explain to friends why I got 2nd degree burns on my legs but, I owe them explanation. 🙂 I also think I’m lucky that I’m not terribly hurt. It could have been worse. Also, I gotta respect this funny surprising curve ball that life threw at me. I will be okay.

I guess it won’t be an option for me to get leg modeling career, huh? 😉

my ridiculous gauzed legsafter one week

(left: Day 2: ridiculous amount of gauze over the injuries. No, I will not share the horror sight of them. right: Day 8: They gave me this tube to keep the pressure on my injuries. It’s to prevent any scars forming. I need to wear that for many months until everything is back to normal)