macbook air on my couch

Since I’m back in NYC and waking up early morning from a jetlag… I should write about my new MacBook Air… although it does prevent me from typing so much.

In general, I love it. It looks sturdy, sleek… more than else, it’s so much lighter. Somebody like me who travels a lot, it’s an ideal laptop. I never carry extra battery so I didn’t mind so much about non-removable battery part (although it could be problematic when battery runs out its life cycle.) The screen is sharp and bright and much better for me since I’ve been carrying heavy bulky old Powerbook 15 inch last 3 & half years. My biggest and only complain is keyboard. I don’t understand why they’ve decided to go backward for userbility in keyboard design. The keys are flat and does not have that nice soft gentle feeling when you push them. Your fingertips just slides and it creates friction unnecessarily and my fingertips hurt after typing one full page. This is not good for blogging obviously. However, I don’t seem to have a choice. It’s going to be one of those things that i need to break in – like learning how to play a guitar… but, I’m disappointed about their decision making in design… more specifically in experience design.